Consultancy for start-up

Socialsurf servizi startup

Servizi per le start-up

Socialsurf assists your start-up with a comprehensive and effective support, thanks to the specific expertise of its team, used to operate in fast-growing business environments and able to manage complex processes with limited resources availability.

Our services: start-up assistance, staff support, Digital Export Manager, support to social start-ups.

Assistance and coaching

Assistance: business development, search for grants, , export development, marketing and communication, social & digital,

Staff support: general advisory, networking, training, tutoring

Direct business support: marketing, communication, e-commerce, commercial back office, trade missions abroad.

Digital Export Manager

We have been the first consulting company in Italy to offer digital export management services tailor-made for start-ups. Our Temporary Export Managers can combine the skills of the export manager with the effective use of LinkedIn, web marketing, online communication and e-commerce platforms, they know how to adapt them to the fast-growing contexts of start-ups.

An effective use of digital marketing tools is today highly required to be successful on international markets.

Support to social start-ups

We are deeply committed in supporting social challenges by creating a new economy. That’s why we provide social star-ups with our experience and expertise in new business development techniques, our ability to transfer entrepreneurial and networking capabilities, in order to support new ideas and innovative projects with a strong social impact.